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Work Safe Manager is simple and easy to follow. It creates an understanding of workplace safety requirements and procedures across all industries and at all levels of business, while meeting the requirements of NZ’s new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSW Act). Work Safe Manager has been in workplaces since 2010, providing HSE safety management under the HSE Act. It is now fully adapted to the new HSW Act 2015 it is ready to meet your future safety needs.

Work Safe Manager provides an explanation on the new terms and duties which apply under the HSW Act allowing directors, managers, supervisors and workers all to understand their respective responsibilities and related changes.

During the “Rena”, New Zealand’s worst environmental disaster, Work Safe Manager Systems managed the largest oil clean-up response for Maritime NZ’s National Oil Response Team.

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Work Safe Manager Systems managed the Rena oil clean-up


Work Safe Manager

Complete Solution for Business Risk Management