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Save Time And Money

Safety pays its way by promoting business, increasing efficiency and reducing loss.  Work Safe Manager keeps safety costs to a minimum while ensuring safety standards can be identified, controls established and effectiveness monitored.

Procedures are to the NZS 4801 Standard for the management of safety. Compliance with this standard means many companies have enjoyed the highest levels of ACC WSMP discounts by implementing Work Safe Manager.  A recommended implementation program is provided and support safety documentation is provided within the Work Safe Manager system.

Unlike many systems Work Safe Manager keeps documentation to a minimum allowing additional documentation to be added only as required, saving workplace time and training resources.

Under the new HSW Act, penalties for simple noncompliance and reckless conduct are significant fines and extended imprisonment periods. Work Safe Manager provides the evidence required to defend a Company and individuals against such actions.

Work Safe Manager recommends all businesses need trained professional advice when managing serious incidents requiring notification to WorkSafe NZ. Procedures to deal with serious incidents are provided as a separate section within procedures managed by the company CEO or GM.


Work Safe Manager

Saves you Time and Money