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How To Buy

Buy On-line

The best way to buy Work Safe Manager is right here, on this website.  Navigate to the Work Safe Manager product page, purchase using the Add To Cart, View Cart and Proceed To Checkout buttons.  Complete the purchase by adding your contact and payment details in the checkout and pressing Place Order.  If you have left required fields blank you will need to go back and fill them in.  You can pay direct credit using internet banking.

We will send an order confirmation to the email address you gave us during the checkout process.  Your Work Safe Manager product pack will arrive by NZ Post.  Please allow up to 7 days for order processing, packaging and delivery.

SOPs and Extra Materials

On this website you can also purchase Safe Operational Procedures (SOPs) and Extra Materials (additional copies of one or more Work Safe Manager booklets).  These are only for sale to customers who have purchased the main Work Safe Manager product.  Please add SOPs and Extra Materials to your shopping cart before you go through the checkout.  If you return later to purchase more SOPs / Extra Materials please use the same contact details during checkout so we can identify you as an existing Work Safe Manager user.