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Employee & Contractor Safety

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Manage the risks to ensure workers and others are not harmed

Work Safe Manager defines Company Procedures relating to worker and Person Conducting a Business Or Undertaking (PCBU) engagement requirements.

Built into Work Safe Manager is an underlining process to allow workers to participate and manage their own safety. Toolbox meetings promote workplace understanding and cooperation, supported by safety committee and new safety representative roles when more formal process is required.

Contractor and PCBU engagement is provided within a separate package within the overall Work Safe Manager System. Common processes have been employed to manage the safety of both Company and Contractor worker to simplify and assist in their application.

Work Safe Manager has procedures to allow workers In Control of Places of Work to manage the risks they may create to ensure workers and others are not harmed.

As part of the engagement process with customers Work Safe Manager provides a package to explain the overall safety management systems to provide with tenders and requests by PCBUs regarding Company safety management.


Work Safe Manager

Manages employee and contractor safety