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Compliant Solution

Fishing Industry Safety

Ensure safety standards can be identified, controls established and effectiveness monitored.

Work Safe Manager provides risk assessments and safe operational practices focused on the actual risk activities and work being done in the workplace. It meets new safety management requirements which replace previous hazard controls (under old legislation).

A Significant Risk Register and Safe Operational Procedures (SOPs) provide specific safety measures relating to regular high risk activities and meet NZS 4801 Standards.

Work Safe Manager provides easy to understand workplace risk identification, job safety analysis (JSA) and tool box meeting processes to manage day to day safety variations and new work. Each process is supported by simple step by step printed booklets or PDF forms to help workers understand and complete the tasks easily.

Work Safe Manager offers complete editable SOPs for a wide range of risk activities that provide information on new regulations and accepted industry standards.

Documented skill assessment forms are provided for each SOP confirming that unsupervised workers have the skill to work safely when undertaking the associated high risk activity.


Work Safe Manager

Complies with Health and Safety Legislation