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Maritime Accident

Work Safe Manager Systems managed the Rena oil clean-up

Work Safe Manager

Work Safe Manager was developed in 2011 by Work Injury Care Ltd, owned by Neil Dobbs a former National Injury Prevent Consultant for the Department of Labour and leading Health and Safety Practitioner for more than 20 years. Work Safe Manager Ltd has been formed to solely focus on the challenges facing workplace health and safety management.

Working in both New Zealand and Australia, Work Safe Manager has undergone significant changes required by the new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSW Act) from the old Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 (HSE Act).


About Neil Dobbs

Work Safe Manager was developed by Neil Dobbs a former National Injury Prevention Consultant with the Department of Labour and brings 20 years’ experience in HSE, HR and ACC management. Clients include Government Departments, SOEs, District Councils, Industry Associations, Nationally Significant Projects and a wide range of Employers in various Industries.

Neil is a Director of “Work Safe Manager Ltd” and its parent Company “Work Injury Care Ltd” (WIC).


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Neil is part of Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) National Oil Spill Response team as On-scene Safety Coordinator. He was called on to manage Oil Spill Responses such as the Rena, New Zealand’s worst oil spill and environmental disaster.


Rena Disaster: Waihi Beach Cleanup

Rena Disaster: Waihi Beach Cleanup


Neil regularly undertakes speaking roles and tutors nationwide in high-risk Health and Safety areas, providing training such as asbestos risk management to more than 11,000 Christchurch contractors for Fletcher EQR.



Safety training conference with Neil Dobbs at podium


Neil’s consultancy experience is supported by actual safety management experience in high-risk workplace environments. Such workplaces include safety management of hot work within New Zealand’s refinery, ship repair and heavy industry construction.

A wide range of Companies use Health and Safety Systems provided for them by Neil Dobbs. Landcorp NZ has based its Farm Safe program on such a system for more than 19 years. Most recently LandSAR NZ adopted a Work Safe Manager based program for its more than 6,000 rescue volunteers safety.

Neil has a strong focus on rehabilitation and worker care and formed Work Injury Care Ltd to do private ACC cover as a third party provider for workplace injury management. WIC successfully provided cover to thousands of workers nationwide during that period and within partnership programmes when it returned to ACC.