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The changes to the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 means significant changes are needed in all workplaces after April 2016. Work Safe Manager meets these changes with clearly defined duties and responsibilities for all levels of business.

Work Safe Manager has the changes to duties relating to directors, general managers and workers as well as the new ones set out in common language within Company Procedures. Documentation supports the modification of existing safety standards and procedures within the requirement for new risk management practices.

Underlining the Work Safe Manager system is a focus on creating safety in the workplace though job safety analysis, regularly engaging workers and developing industry based safe operational procedures.

Significant changes to WorkSafe NZ notification requirements have been made. Gone is “serious harm” replaced by “notifiable injury or incident” and covered under Work Safe Manager’s accident recording and investigation systems.

The issue of Persons Conducting a Business Or Undertaking (PCBUs) is addressed in detail with special procedures and packages for engagement of other PCBUs either as a contractor or principal.

Specific documentation and support is given to workers engagement based on regular participation in risk related activities and controls. A safety induction package provides workers an explanation of the workplace management of safety and the training and safety skills assessment processes.


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